Carp Fishing Accessories

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  1. ESP Leadcore

    ESP Leadcore


    Immensely strong.
    High abrasion resistance. Learn More
  2. ESP Super Floss

    ESP Super Floss


    E-S-P Super Floss has a wide, flat profile which grips the pop-up securely without cutting in.
    Supplied in an easy to use dispenser.
    50 metres per spool. Learn More
  3. ESP Tungsten Putty

    ESP Tungsten Putty


    Exactly the right density, adhesion and malleability.
    Tiny amounts can be trimmed of with scissors for critically balanced rigs.
    Small streamlined mouldings can be formed around knots or swivels.
    25g per tub. Learn More
  4.  ESP Boilie Pult Catapult

    ESP Boilie Pult Catapult


    Large wide gape pouch
    Designed for boilies
    For maximum distance and tight grouping with minimum spillage Learn More
  5. ESP Leadcore 25m Bulk Spool

    ESP Leadcore 25m Bulk Spool


    Tough abrasion resistant outer with an ultra supple lead wire core.
    Very fast sinking.
    Now available in 4 unobtrusive two-tone colours. Learn More
  6. SPRO STRATEGY Strat 1 Rod Pod

    SPRO STRATEGY Strat 1 Rod Pod


    Very reliable!
    Up to 3 rods
    Deluxe carrying case.
    Measurements: 78x44x40.5cm
    Learn More
  7. Prologic Firestarter Rig Wallet

    Prologic Firestarter Rig Wallet


    Hard case rig wallet
    Internal pockets for accessories
    Learn More
  8. ESP Marker Gum

    ESP Marker Gum


    Low diameter.
    Super soft.
    Learn More
  9. ESP Chod Rig Sleeves

    ESP Chod Rig Sleeves


    Designed to be used in conjunction with the chod rig.
    Prevents the hook from coming into contact with the lead.
    Available in 3 colours to complement ESP Leadcore.
    Each pack contains 6 sleeves. Learn More
  10. ESP Chod Leaders

    ESP Chod Leaders


    Perfect when used with the ESP ready made chod rig.
    Available in Choddy Silt, Original Camo and Weedy Green in 1.0m and 1.5m lengths.
    Each pack contains 3 leaders per packet.
    Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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